Killing never was great

I’ll say… it’s artistic… but it gives out an entirely shitty message.

“MAKE KILLING GREAT AGAIN”? Killing never was and never will be great!

This picture was found being promoted by a US military themed Facebook page.

The US Army is indeed a mighty and powerful army. But that one sentence entirely eliminates its professionalism.

A professional Armed Service, will only kill if it is absolutely necessary. The ultimate last resort in which a, well-trained and skilled soldier, must take when all other options are exhausted or rendered obsolete instantly, depending on the severity or scale of escalation.

It’s called Judgemental Awareness.

Killing for fun or for glory forfeits your humanity, it doesn’t help.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the US army. But that mentality needs to change. It’s just jack on your muckers and your allies.

Change that, and you’ll change the opinion your skeptics.