Anti-Fascism – the new hate culture?

I’ve been to a handful of protests before in my life and at each of which I’ve never once felt the need or urge to engage in violent demonstration.

Protests are a way to show your disapproval at things like a ruling by a Magistrate or even at the actions of a government. But a protest should always be peaceful and law-abiding.

Civil disobedience is stronger way to show disapproval, but even that refrains from violent actions and other crimes such as criminal damage and looting.

I certainly don’t approve of protests which are of a violent nature. So, you might be able to see my dismay when protests get out of hand and turn violent; which is a very self-defeating purpose.

Protests happen all the time, all over the world… The UK, the USA… heck, it’s practically a national sport in France.

But it appears there’re no bunch of people who like a good protest other than, “Social Justice Warriors”. Students, who’ve been brainwashed in their colleges, universities and various clubs and organisations. People who gravitate towards the studies of dead-end subjects like Social Sciences for example.

These SJW’s join various unions and pressure groups such as Hope Not Hate, the Anti-Fascist league and many other far-left groups (most of which have been or are currently funded by globalist, left-wing billionaire, George Soros).

The problem is though, these groups stink of the sulphuric scent of hypocrisy and irony. Their protests are rarely peaceful, they use violence, aggression and almost always cause criminal damage.

These groups, mostly made up of students and those who lean towards communist tendencies, will always say that they protest to stand up for equality, peace, freedom of speech and social justice.

Coincidentally, they always claim to stand up against tyranny, oppression, hate, dictation, violence and discrimination.

“To protest it violently and attack innocent people because of how they voted or because of who they lend support to as president is also a direct violation of their goal for standing up against fascism.”

What’s wrong though is…. No they don’t.

In the United States (and around the world, actually) people are out protesting against the election of Trump as president.

Now, I get that they don’t support the man due to his political standing and from some of the stuff he’s said and done in the past. And they’re well within their right to protest if the vote was inaccurate or rigged or if Trump has done something seriously wrong.

Personally though, I’m not sure what to make of America’s new president. And very recently, he authorised military action against a Syrian government airfield, which I think was a wrong and a disturbing, ill-thought out move. That alone would be a legitimate reason to protest.

But to protest someone because they were elected as president, and calling for a recount or another vote directly violates one of the things these protesters supposedly stand against – fascism.

To protest it violently and attack innocent people because of how they voted or because of who they lend support to as president is also a direct violation of their goal for standing up against fascism. It also directly violates their goal of standing up against Tyranny and promoting freedom of speech.

Many rallies or conferences of support for Donald Trump are often hijacked by these protesters and disrupted by screaming or causing an obstruction – a bit like his inauguration day, when tens of thousands of people couldn’t get to the event due to streets having been shut down by the “anti-fascist” protesters.

But what concerns me most of all is that the protesters are always willing to use violence and carry out criminal activity in order to accomplish their nefarious ambitions.

Below is a video highlight just one example of this.

From what I gather, this man was identified as a Trump supporter. Consequentially, this attracted the attention of protesters out that day who surrounded his vehicle and started hitting and thumping on the windows.

Like buzzards circling round their prey, the gathered round the vehicle to cause as much inconvenience to the man in question.

Then things stooped a bit lower. Someone felt the need to slash his tyres (criminal damage), simply for having a different opinion to the amassed crowd of protesters.

When the man realised this and confronted them, they simply laughed at him. That one person is the embodiment of all the things the protesters vow to combat. No amount of showering of bathing can rid them of the overpowering stench of hypocrisy.

Have a watch by clicking here



Killing never was great

I’ll say… it’s artistic… but it gives out an entirely shitty message.

“MAKE KILLING GREAT AGAIN”? Killing never was and never will be great!

This picture was found being promoted by a US military themed Facebook page.

The US Army is indeed a mighty and powerful army. But that one sentence entirely eliminates its professionalism.

A professional Armed Service, will only kill if it is absolutely necessary. The ultimate last resort in which a, well-trained and skilled soldier, must take when all other options are exhausted or rendered obsolete instantly, depending on the severity or scale of escalation.

It’s called Judgemental Awareness.

Killing for fun or for glory forfeits your humanity, it doesn’t help.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the US army. But that mentality needs to change. It’s just jack on your muckers and your allies.

Change that, and you’ll change the opinion your skeptics.

Alive in a Dying World

To be alive in a dying world is perhaps a grim overview of the world. To be awake and aware of it makes it scary, and causes it hit home.

I’ve started this blog to serve as a medium to share with the world my thoughts, opinions, facts and news about the world in which we live and the events that happen within it.

We’re now in a world that is governed by fear. A certain political persuasion has a monopoly over media platforms, education institutions, the entertainment industry and, until recently, global politics, (particularly the Western political sphere).

That political persuasion in question, as we’re already aware, is funded by a very wealthy global elite, whose sphere of influence encompasses celebrities, businesses and politicians. Each of which tend to wage a fear campaign to scare the lay person. Tales of unfounded fear stories which speak of negative consequences should you choose not to conform to their way of thinking. Promises and threats of punishment for going against their set status-quo. And last, but not least, their most powerful psychological warfare tactic – ridiculing a person and soiling their character.

It’s not comfortable to be cast aside and judged by everyone who conforms to a very socialistic (perhaps even Marxist) philosophy. They know that. And they exploit it.

Times are changing.

People are now starting to fight back against left-wing tyranny. Others are starting to wake up and retake control of their minds – their lives!

In a world where common sense is attacked or challenged by so-called “Social Justice Warriors”, various far-left “pressure” groups (they’re really just terrorists) and government controlled news corporations, it’s naturally going to be a hard and lengthy battle. And the struggle to victory is an uphill effort.

The foundations of socialist ignorance are shaking and their walls of fascism are beginning to crumble.

We’re witnessing now, all around the world, people bombarding the pillars that support the fortress of tyranny that house left-wing dictators, their legions of subordinates and the globalist mantra, with logic, facts and a burning desire to be free. The foundations of socialist ignorance are shaking and their walls of fascism are beginning to crumble.

Now is a good time to be alive. Make no mistake. This is a war. A war taking place on many fronts.

There is a battle for your mind. There is a battle for your freedom of expression. There is a battle for your right to privacy. There is a battle for your freedom.

Stand up today for common sense. Take advantage of the earthquakes being felt throughout the political world and reclaim your freedom. Send tyranny and that evil packing.

Do not conform to the shackles of socialism. Break free from the mind prison of communism.

Set yourself free.