This blog was set up in order to give me a platform in which to speak out on an international level about my concerns, thoughts, ramblings and opinions I may have on events and news around the world.

I’ll occasionally share some news and information from around the world and present facts about left and right-wing issues and subjects.

The Spiritual Libertarian

These are probably two terms that you won’t often see used together. Perhaps they seem to clash or contradict?

A spiritual nature knows not of, and is not bound by, any prescribed political standing or tendencies. It seems though that the far-left have more of an association with a spiritual standing. Anyone can be spiritual despite race or gender. The same applies to political affinity.

About The Spiritual Libertarian

  • I’m a 20 something year old male
  • Libertarian is used in a political sense, not a demonination of Christianity
  • I’m interested in spirituality and lean towards Buddhism
  • I live in the Western Hemisphere
  • I’m employed full-time
  • I’ve been interested in politics from my mid-teens
  • My political standing leans to centre-right
  • I’m not an extremist nor do I lean far-right
  • I’m all for the nation state and it’s right of self-governance
  • I’m all for the right of citizens of any country to have the right to shape their own futures
  • I’m against globalism and one world governance
  • I enjoy running, squash and archery
  • I can’t take men with top-knots seriously lol
  • I have no time for ignorance, liars or hypocrites
  • Students annoy me. Even more than Jar Jar Binks
Yeah, that’s right. Students annoy me more than this guy. And this guy really tries my patience.